100 Day Project - Kusama, Sontag, Salle

I have been noticing the 100dayproject hashtag on Instagram and I have discovered that there is a history to this approach to creativity, but one group effort to rally folks around it recently began last week--so I am not too late. These structured challenges seem to help me move ahead.

While I am working on a series of paintings on the wheel image that has come up for me repeatedly, I will post these paintings on my gallery page when completed. I also have a writing project of short memoir pieces that could use more attention. Still, I want to define this 100 day project as something else, something simple and straightforward--something do-able.

So this is it... 

For several years I kept notebooks with notes and quotes from books I was reading. I am not doing this so much lately, but these notebooks contain a treasure of wonderful quotes to ponder.  I will create small digital collages to feature these words as a way to share some of this material with others.

Here are the first three...