100 Day Project - Kusama, Sontag, Salle

I have been noticing the 100dayproject hashtag on Instagram and I have discovered that there is a history to this approach to creativity, but one group effort to rally folks around it recently began last week--so I am not too late. These structured challenges seem to help me move ahead.

While I am working on a series of paintings on the wheel image that has come up for me repeatedly, I will post these paintings on my gallery page when completed. I also have a writing project of short memoir pieces that could use more attention. Still, I want to define this 100 day project as something else, something simple and straightforward--something do-able.

So this is it... 

For several years I kept notebooks with notes and quotes from books I was reading. I am not doing this so much lately, but these notebooks contain a treasure of wonderful quotes to ponder.  I will create small digital collages to feature these words as a way to share some of this material with others.

Here are the first three...






Update on my Painting A Day - "30 in 30" Challenge

I began February with a plan to post a painting a day for a thirty paintings in thirty day challenge that happens each Fall and Winter through some artists on a podcast that I listen to (Artists Helping Artists).

I posted 23 new paintings and the last one was a triptych so I think of my output as 25. Although I have new work in progress, it is the last day of February. The challenge goes a couple more days into March to account for the short month of February. I am pleased with my 25 and I have sort of moved on. 

Found myself side-tracked on posting of few of these new pieces on a site that offers archival prints. Several of my images may now be ordered as prints at Imagekind starting at $26 for a small unframed print. Larger sizes, along with mat and frame options are available. There is also an option for wrapped canvas prints.

Please take a look to get a better idea of what I am talking about...




Click on "My Galleries"






Day Twenty-three - WHAT?

...used as an interrogative expressing inquiry

about the identity, nature, or value

of a person, object or matter



Day Seventeen - Over There

Thomas Edison's last words were:

"It's very beautiful over there."


All kinds of things are imagined, heard, and observed

about over there...and still, I am simply here.


Day Sixteen - Backstory

I tend to be curious about what is behind the main event.

What happened leading up to this?

How does a person become the way they are?

How does taste develop?

Why do we choose one thing over another?

How do situations escalate?

FEB 2018 30 in 307.jpg

Day Twelve - Church

Homage to Pattern & Decoration Painting...

Consumed by the church of contemplative painting. There can be no slacking off in this "30 in 30" painting challenge if am to stick with the daily posting. I began the daily painting process during the last week of January--working quite small in order to get a little ahead of myself, but returning to a larger format is more time-consuming. Still, I seem to prefer a more spacious meadow to roam in





Day Nine - Tumbleweed Study #2

About 20 years ago I was driving out west and entered a tumbleweed storm--a multitude of the weedy nests blew about the two-lane road and one even dared to startle me by bouncing off my windshield. Sometimes blowing about aimlessly is not such a bad thing. The process of making this painting was a bit like that.

FEB 2018 30 in 304.jpg

Day Seven - Party of Three

Just outside of Buffalo in East Aurora is the home of the Roycroft Artisans Community,

established in 1895 by Elbert Hubbard, who is quoted with these three phrases:

"To escape criticism--do nothing, say nothing, be nothing."


Groupings of three just tend to feel right...

Three is the first true number.

Three forms the triangle.


Three signifies...

harmony, wisdom, understanding

past, present, future

birth, life,  death

beginning, middle, end