Making Flags Again

I had put them aside for awhile, but when a friend asked to buy a set as a gift, I became re-inspired. I began sewing these five or six years ago.


Inspired by Tibetan Prayer Flags and Party Flags, mostly they are made from various cotton fabrics…a mix of commercially printed patterns, vintage, and some printed from original designs.

Each set is different…

               7 inch reversible triangles on a 6 foot twill line 

               8 inch reversible squares on 8 foot twill line


~ Hang in the breeze on a patio.

~ String across  a room interior.

~ Tack onto a wall.

~ Awaken any place you wish with a touch of color and pattern is desired.

   C e l e b r a t e !    C e l e b r a t e !   

About the original fabric designs…

Last year, I began converting some of my painted designs to printed fabric on Spoonflower. Although I have temporarily discontinued the line of neckties made from this original fabric, shown here are a couple handsome models wearing my ties…


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