Painting Windows


When did the trend of “challenges” begin? The ones associated with social media are the ones I am talking about. There was that bucket challenge a couple years ago when people were allowing themselves to have cold water dumped over their head for the sake of some charity.

Then artists began joining in to post a nature photo every day for a week and every other imaginable variation on a theme. I have participated in a few, though I usually lose interest pretty fast, but last Winter a podcast I listen to (artistshelpingartsists) hosted one called 30 paintings in 30 days so I joined in “casually” as a way to get myself painting consistently in preparation for a show that was coming up for me in the Spring.

I found myself painting stripes, a process that energized me in a new direction.The show came together well and I spent time this summer creating a catalog of it after the fact…


knowing that I would be ready to paint again by August or September so I used the Fall 30 in 30 to jump-start things once again. This time, I found myself adding to stripes–making them more gridlike and windowish–only completed 6 in 30 days, but new things are happening.

Copies of this catalog will be available, as well as new paintings (and old). Stop by the studio 10/28/17 to say hello and take a look….

* * * * * * * * * *