Up Close and Personal--Visit Four Art Studios in Buffalo Saturday 10/28/17,  12:30-4:30

Two quotes about the art studio:

1) “Things don’t get tough in the studio. Sometimes things get tough outside the studio and going in the studio is a relief, a sanctuary, therapy.”

2) “I hate studio. For me, studio is a trap to overproduce and repeat yourself. It is a habit that leads to art pollution.”

I agree with #1, though the artist who said it is not one of my favorites.

There is truth in #2, but given who said it, no surprise here.

Find answers to who said these things all the way down at the end of this post…


Under the radar and east of Main Street, amid the birch trees and balconies, artists are at work. Residents of this part of the Artspace community have affectionately referred to this hub as the “Bauhaus Bungalows.” Step inside the live-work lofts of four Buffalo painters, each with a storied history of work, art, and life. 

Visiting an open art studio is almost the exact opposite of the online sharing that we have become accustomed to. Instead of the curated version seen through filters, this is the natural habitat of the art and the artist.

Stop by the look around, have a glass of wine or cider…


In addition to paintings…

Loft 203 (me) will also have a table of other kinds of creations for sale–flags, neckties, books, and prints ($20-$40)…


Artist quotes at top of page by: (1) Mark Kostabi (2) Marina Abramovic

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