Late 1970s Domestic Life Photos

I purchased the Pentax K-1000 with money I earned waitressing while living in San Francisco during the first years after completing college in 1974. I enjoyed walking around The Mission photographing the neighborhood, but my personal environment became more of a subject.

Linda Street apartment kitchen...I was ironing this cloth to set the design I had painted using masking tape to create simple geometric patterns that reflected the new wave sensibility blossoming at that time (think TALKING HEADS 77). I sewed these fabrics into pull-over blouses and kimono-style robes for my friends.

I moved to NYC summer of 1979 and found this apartment on East 6th Street, where I spent many hours sitting at the window (facing southeast) watching the action on the street below...frequently drinking beer and smoking....watching for friends who would call up my name to throw down the front door key.

The hankies and buttons belonged to my grandmother, Doris. She and my grandfather sold their home when she moved into a nursing home soon after I moved to New York. I inherited a nice collection of vintage domesic items that turn up in my home and art.